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Reeth Mazumder


Reeth Mazumder started life in cinema at a very tender age as an actress in India. As the cameras rolled over the various feature films, music videos, and commercials that she shot across the globe, the craft of the people behind the cameras started intriguing her. Her interest and diligent work behind the camera brought her credits as a Producer, but she wanted more. She knew that she had a lot to communicate
with, and writing seemed to express herself and her vision.

Reeth moved to Canada in 2017 and began her new journey as a Screenwriting student for film and Television.

Reeth has already directed five short films and is currently writing a series script in collaboration with a German Historian.

In 2020, Reeth also bagged an award as Best Woman Filmmaker (Canada) at Accolades International Film Competition (2019), California, for her Short Film “You May Kiss the Bride.”
She often states: “She is an actor by profession, a writer by choice and a director by passion.”