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Nedi Gavriliu


Careers: Visual Arts and Graphic/Multimedia Design.
Graphic Designer, Art Director in BBDO and Young&Rubicam Europe, participates in the Venice Biennale of Art and exhibitions in France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania. From 1998 in Toronto he freelances in web, print, video/multimedia. 2000รท2006: teaching Art Directing & Visual Communication + Web in OCAD, while freelancing in Paris, France and Toronto. From 2007 he teaches Theology + Art of Icon in St. Stephen’s University, US. Beginning in 2017 he teaches in Toronto Film School and Yorkville University. Author of ‘Concepts of Beauty’ course, Yorkville University. Multilingual: English, French, Romanian. Masters of Engineering, Visual Arts ( + BBDO, Young & Rubicam training in Visual Communication & Art Directing, post-diploma studies in OCAD ), Theology.