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Glenda MacFarlane


Glenda MacFarlane is the Series Editor for Scirocco Drama, an imprint of Winnipeg’s J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing. In her capacity as Series Editor, she selects and edits Canadian plays and books related to theatre practice. Glenda’s writing for stage includes the rural community-based collective creation Railroaded, the historical drama Duel at Dawn, which premiered at Young Peoples Theatre in Toronto, and riffs on Shakespeare: R&J: Brampton and The Taming of the Dude, co-written with Dave Carley. Glenda has also had many works produced by CBC Radio, including the hour-long Homestead, the Morningside drama Antelope Season (co-written with Sharon MacFarlane,) episodes of the series Hartfeldt, and the D-Day tribute The Final Hour. Glenda is also the author of two non-fiction books about Saskatchewan. She teaches Writing for Actors at the Toronto Film School.