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Gilbert Seah


Gilbert Seah is an electrical engineer with a degree from the University of Singapore, Singapore being the place of birth. He has taught for 21 years at DeVry Institute of Technology prior to the Toronto Film School and Yorkville University. He has also a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Toronto which allows him to also teach in the Business Program.

He has taught and can teach anything from Business Accounting and Finance to Electronics to programming to mathematics to Managerial Skills to Programming to Aerobics (in my younger days) – a case of Jack of all Trades and master of all. He is a registered Professional Engineer with the APEO.

Gilbert’s industrial experience includes working as an Engineer at PHILIPS (the Dutch company) in Singapore. In Canada, he worked as a senior technical support specialist at AEL Microtel which was bought over by BC Telephone and then Telus.

His passion is film and he is currently a film critic and a member of the Toronto Film Critics Association. He sees and reviews almost every film screened in Toronto.